420 follower giveaway


Reblog for a chance to enter. Winners will be randomly chosen on the 30th

The entire princess set (I think it’s the whole thing? Either way it’s a prize)

A green blazer

good luck!


I messed up the first one, so I’ll re write it again.
So for those who don’t know, I hit 100 followers the other day! So I decided to hold a give away for you lovely folk as a thank you! 
This is what can be won;
- 1 Million Bells
- Lovely Phone
- Horoscope Set
- 6 Baskets of Perfect Apples
- Wedding Cake
- 6 Blue Roses
- A Music Box of ‘I Love You’
- A Hair Bow Wig
Here are the rules!
- This is for my followers only, as it is a thanks for them!
- I will add more stuff for every multiple of 50 notes!
- I will end it on August 5th 12:00 PM EST
- I will give you 48 hours to reply! If you don’t reply back, i will move on.
- Likes and Reblogs Count!
Again, I can’t thank you all enough for all your guy’s support! Good luck! <3



Hey guys so I finally got to making my giveaway!! <3

See undercut for prizes and rules!

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ok so I have a LOT of things to do today so let’s have a little promo/giveaway!


  • One person will receive 500,000 bells and a screenshot, and probably a hug paragraph saying how awesome they are >w<
  • and everyone gets my friendship and a promo ^-^
  • promo will be in lists of 5 with bolded favorites


I have merengue in my town if you want her